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Top 5 Powerful Android Apps That you Should must Try in 2020

Top 5 Powerful Android Apps That you Should must Try in 2020

Top 5 Powerful Android Apps That you Should must Try in 2020

Today I am going to share with you five such Android apps that made your mobile look change These five applications people use with great interest

These applications do not pose any threat to your mobile. You can use these five Applications  without any worries.

Unique battery animation, True Amps

activates when charging, shows notification and music

  True Amps |  Edge Lighting will only be activated when your device is charging and will be deactivated when the device is disconnected.  No intrusive or nonsense ads, just a unique charging animation experience.  Our app is free and has been designed for 0% CPU usage and low system resources.

  It will provide you with information such as notifications and a clock and will allow you to control your music while your device is being charged;  Supports fast charging, slow USB charging, and wireless battery charging.

  Cool Features 🌟

  Always On Display (AOD)
  • Fingerprint unlock
  Edge lighting, vibrate, pulse or deactivate to notify you when the battery is full
  • Battery charging animation
  • Works on any Android device
  • Show battery status
  • Shows battery details such as voltage, temperature, health, and type
  • Display charging speed via USB, AC or WIRELESS
  • Music controls with play, pause and skip
  • Tasker support
  • Wave and particle animations and much more
  Low system resources
  • Notification is able to scroll, swipe left to reject, swipe right to hide
  • Watch the weather
  • Add application shortcuts and access them directly from the screen
  • Clickable notifications with action buttons
  • Screen brightness adjustment
  • Reply via SMS directly from the AOD screen
  • Dark and light subject
  • More than 40 languages ​​supported

  Show alert bar


  If you receive this message when activating this app via the lock screen "Touch input has been blocked", please go to your device Settings -> Display, and uncheck / disable / toggle "Block accidental touches".  This will allow the app to work as intended and the bottom navigation bar will not appear or give you this warning again;  WQHD + resolution setting is also recommended.


  If you always see the navigation buttons on the screen, please go to your device settings, search for acci and deactivate Mistouch Prevention.

  "The application does not work"

  Sometimes, your Android device decides to randomly quit servicing apps;  To prevent this, please check if your device has a battery manager and disable battery optimization for True Amps.

  * If your device is not on the list below, please do a Google search for "turn off background service apps (add your device name)".

  * If you are having difficulties finding battery optimization;  Try searching for "Battery Optimization" in your Android settings.

  ** General devices **

  1. Go to device settings.

  2. Applications and notifications.

  3. Private app access.

  4. Battery optimization.

  5. Select the down arrow at the top and choose "All applications".

  6. Select True Amps.

  7. Select Do Not Optimize.

  ** Specific devices **


  1. Open the Huawei smartphone battery settings.

  2. Access app launch settings on your Huawei.

  3. Find the real amps, and turn its switch off to "Manage manually".  You will immediately see a prompt where you are asked what kind of activities you want to allow the app to perform.  To get rid of all problems, it is a good idea to have all modes such as “Auto Play”, “Secondary Play” and “Background Play” are selected.


  1. Open the settings menu on your Xiaomi device.

  2. Tap on Battery and Performance from Settings.

  3. Click Manage App Battery Usage.

  4. Click Choose apps from Manage apps battery usage.

  5. Click on the installed applications and select the real amps.

  6. Click No restrictions.


  1. Open Settings on your OnePlus device and click Advanced Options.

  2. Click Manage recent apps.

  3. Click Clear normal to clear task list and cache without clearing background process.

  4. Lock True Amps in recent apps.


  1. Go to device settings.

  2. Look for "battery usage optimization".

  3. Select all apps from the dropdown list.

  4. Toggle the switch to the off position for the real amperes to automatically improve.

  "I am the door. If someone enters through me, he will be saved, and he will go in and out and find pasture."  John 10: 9

2-Live Wallpapers 4K and HD background 

Best collection of live wallpapers to decorate your home screen

  Live Wallpapers - HD & 4K Live Backgrounds is a free app that has a large variety of HD live wallpapers, 4K (UHD | Ultra HD) wallpapers as well as Full HD wallpapers (High Definition | FHD +) |  Backgrounds

  Our app contains the best 4K and HD live wallpapers and home screen backgrounds and supports any mobile phone.

  This app includes thousands of live wallpapers to choose from that can be used on the home screen and lock screen, giving it a unique and elegant look that also works as a screen saver.

  You will find the best and most innovative selection of HD and 4K Live Wallpapers on Google Play Store for free, within our lightweight, fast and optimized system.

  All live wallpapers are carefully selected and manufactured by our experts.  These live wallpapers will
  Lights up your home screen.

  The app offers a large number of live wallpapers as well as AMOLED live wallpapers organized across different categories.

  Disclaimer: All wallpapers in this app are under a common creative license and the credit goes to their respective owners.  These images are not endorsed by any of the prospective owners, and the images are only used for aesthetic purposes.  No copyright infringement is intended, and any request to remove one of the images / logos / names will be honored.  Some of the features mentioned here may not be available in the initial version, but will be added in a later version of the app.

3-Vani Your personal Your voice Assistant Call

Answer all your incoming calls without touching the screen.  Try Fanny now 👍🤘👌

  Vani lets you handle your daily incoming calls using voice commands.
  📞 Say "hello" to accept calls.
  ☎️ Say “No” to reject calls.
  🎙️ Say "Speakerphone" to answer the call in speakerphone mode.
  🤳 Say "SMS" to send the auto-reply message.

  You can also customize your own words.
  Like - Hi, Sorry, Goodbye, Shut Up, Hi, etc.

  Answer incoming calls without touching the screen while you are busy with your hands or driving in your car.

  I am able to speak in the name of the caller and through the voice recognition, you can choose to answer or reject the call.

  Your Assistant makes it easy and fast to stay in touch with the people who matter most.

  Choose your favorite theme or live wallpapers or add your own picture.
  Grant the required permissions and you're good to go!
  So next time, when your phone rings, just say "hello" to answer the call right after the ringtone (caller name)

  Now share the screen of your smart device while talking on the phone together.  Unique screen sharing concept as conversations go on.
  Browse websites, read articles, plan, and shop with friends in a call without sharing links back and forth.
  Share your screen through voice talk and it allows you to share photos, videos, apps, and e-commerce sites without any hassle.  Use this method instead of sharing images, links, or any other way.  The Vani app lets you share anything live while talking to your friends.

  Protect yourself from spam and anonymous phone calls with our caller ID feature.
  Caller ID - Call blocking function gives you an option to block unknown or unwanted callers.  You can update the database of spam calls in the call blocking list.  Don't be harassed by spam calls.

4- Floating Notes

Notes that remain visible while using other apps

  Floating Notes lets you quickly create sticky notes that remain visible while using other apps.  You can stick it on the edge of the screen.  Handy for quickly taking notes and holding everything you need to be reminded.  Easy to use and simple.  No difficult configurations, nor unnecessary complex options.  You can turn notes visibility on or off whenever you want.
  • Create sticky notes that remain visible on other apps
  • Slide notes all over the screen
  • Quick access to options with a toolbar within the notifications menu
  • Paste the notes to the edge of the screen to be close at hand but not disturb you
  Use other applications while notes are appearing or docked
  • Put cool icons and colors on your notes
  • Adjust the transparency of the notes

  We welcome translation corrections and suggestions!

5-Sortcut Tool Controler floating App

Manage apps, widgets, weather, music, and event as a dedicated floating beauty button.

  Application settings control tool
  It gives you everything you need in most phones.
  One button floating on the screen controls all of your phone's features.

    * Usage:

  1. Enable the tool.  You have a floating button in another size and style.  You can customize it on setting.
  2. Click the floating button -> open window with everything you need -> time, event, weather, music, widgets, favorite app, recent app ...
  3. Swipe from top to bottom to close window easily.
  4. Because the interest is from you.Tool request some permission to use Time Fist.  Please grant it.

  * Floating button application, the control tool has the following functions.

  - Update weather information at the user's location
  Manage individual events and plans that happen during the day
  - A quick shortcut to manage the music player.
  - Switches for phone speed control tools (on, off, wifi, flash, bluetooth, wifi hostpot, screen off, screen rotation, ringtone ...)
  - Manage your favorite applications and tools
  - Show recently used apps
  - Users can easily adjust the size and style of the tool.
  So the home screen doesn't need anything except toolbar.  Very beautiful and comfortable.  Suitable for people who like to use a small icon off the screen.

  * Swipe the setup application and gadget control requests permission for active tools.

  Camera, precise location, write setting system, notification, accessibility, read storage, write storage, calendar, admin device ...
  Each utility can then be used with all functions.  You will save a lot of time when using this tool.

  This app uses the device administrator permission
  * BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: We need this permission to enable the "Turn your screen on / off" tool.  So please accept this permission to use this tool.
  * SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: It's floating bar higher with another app, so you can access it while using another app
  * ACCESS_WIFI_STATE && CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: You can turn wifi on / off in floating bar by clicking wifi icon, no need to go to settings
  * WRITE_SETTINGS: It's to change the spin function
  * Flashlight: It is a function flashlight applied with above android M
  * RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: If I restart your phone then run my app, and after restart it will run automatically
  * BLUETOOTH & BLUETOOTH_ADMIN: to turn on / off bluetooth

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