Friday, October 16, 2020

how To Viral Video on Tiktok Get More fans and like

 how To Viral Video on Tiktok Get More fans and like 

Nowadays every person uses tiktok and no one is interested in tiktok. People show their art on tiktok and entertain people.

Everyone wants his video to reach everyone, but it happens to someone

Have you ever wondered why your video doesn't go viral on tiktok? Why doesn't your video show up on foryou?

Today I will tell you what mistakes you make so that your video does not go viral

You make some mistakes that we will review today

If you believe me you will one day go viral on tiktok

Today I will give you some tips to follow

1 proper video upload

First of all, you need to know what is the proper video upload

You must enter four videos a day, whether you are busy or not

If you don't have time every day, do it on the day you have time, make more videos of yourself, then add four videos daily

So that none of your days will be wasted

Remember that any social media platform has to spend time just like you do a job.

If you don't go to work, your salary is deducted. The same is true

So it is important to give time. How to take time depends on you

So remember you don't have to take a vacation

2-video uploading time

The most common mistake you make is not setting a time when you are free to create and upload videos.

This is your fault. You are free. Have you ever thought that your loved ones are also free? This is also their time free.

Always upload videos in a timely manner

I am from pakistan so i will tell you pakistan time what time do you have to upload video people from other countries walk according to their country's time

As you know I have told you before that you have to put four videos daily but you also have to put four videos on the timetable.

The first video you have to put up at seven in the morning. This time is good. This time is free for the people of Pakistan

The second video you have to put in. At 12 o'clock this time job seekers and students get half time, then open tiktok

The third video you have to put up at 7 o'clock. This time many people are off work, so this is also a good time for you

And the fourth video you have to put up at 10 o'clock at night, everyone is free and most use mobile

3-own creation 

Always make videos yourself Use your own topics If you follow big tiktokers you won't succeed
The main reason is that even if people see your video, they will not follow you because you are copying others and also the big tik tokers that people have seen before.

Whom they have already followed then why would they do it to someone else when he is also showing what you are showing then people will not be interested in you

People want to see something new. Show them something new that they haven't seen before so that people like you and like your work.

4- Video Seo

When you upload a video, give it a good title. Hash tags Always apply trending ones that are putting big tik tokers. You should also apply the same so that your video goes below their video.

5-Like comment 

When you watch other people's videos, you must like and comment on them. Make good comments so that people can see your comment and come to your profile.

If other people comment, like their good comments

If you do all this work, you will succeed one day
Success does not need beauty

Success always comes to successful people who do not lose heart who believe in themselves that they want to do something Show your telent people InshAllah one day you will succeed

Allah pak surely gives the fruit of hard work. Just keep working hard and do not give up

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