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Your payment Profile suspended | Google Adsense

Your payment Profile suspended | Google Adsense

Payment Profile suspended

Do you know why your payment profile is suspended?

First let me tell you why this payment profile gets suspended then we will move on.

When your payment profile is suspended, you will see a red alert at the top stating that your payment profile has been suspended.

And then immediately after that you get another notification that your payment has been put on hold. And then your payment also stops and you are worried about what to do now

Way adsense payment profile suspended.?

Now let us first know why this payment profile is suspended

When you have $10 in your account, you need to verify your account

At this point you verify your account and enter your information

Now you verify it with your ID card or drawing lines And also register your address and then a letter is sent to you which contains a pin code

Now you have done everything well, now it is the turn of the bank account

It used to be that you used to take your payment through Western Union, but in some countries it has been abolished, so now you have to give a bank account.

Now here you make a mistake

Here you make this mistake, you have previously verified your account in the name of which you put someone else's bank account instead.

It is necessary to provide the bank account of the person in whose name you have verified your account

If you connect someone else's bank account, your payment profile will be suspended immediately

Because you verified under someone else's name

How to solve payment profile suspended

Now you have to verify your account again

Now you have to verify the name of the person whose bank account you have entered
Below is a link to verify you click on it

As soon as you click here, you will go to another page

There will be a form in front of you to fill

The form will come like this, you have to fill first name then last name then email then secondary email and then payment ID
And then the ID card

Now you have to give here the information of the person whose bank account you have registered in your adsense
You now have to wait for adsense response to provide all the information

It may take some time to verify your account

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