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Online Apply Naya Pakistan Qomi Sehat Card | Download Naya Pakistan Qomi Sehat card App

 Online Apply Naya Pakistan Qomi Sehat Card | Download Naya Pakistan Qomi Sehat card App

As you may know, Imran Khan recently announced that he is bringing a new program for the poor.

Naya pakistan qomi sehat card

Even before Imran Khan came to power, he kept saying that he would help the poor and he would try to uplift the small class. !

Imran Khan started many programs which are of great benefit to the poor people. Similarly, he had announced another program that he is bringing a program soon.

The biggest problem of poor people is that they can't get their treatment in a good hospital because they need money to get treatment in hospital which is very difficult for poor man to do.

So keeping all these things in mind, Imran Khan announced a new program and it is named New Pakistan Health Card.

And this program has been started in Pakistan so that poor families can get their loved ones treated in a good hospital.

If you do not have money for treatment and you cannot get treatment in a good hospital then with the help of this program you will be able to get your treatment in a good hospital in which the government will support you.  All your expenses will be borne by the government

What are the benefits of this card?

The advantage of this card is that Rs. 1 million will be deposited in this card in your name which will be deposited by the government.  You will be treated at the hospital. It will be deducted from the card which the government has deposited Rs. 1 million for you in this card.

The program was first started in kPK, then in Islamabad and now it has started in Punjab

And this program is being implemented regularly and gradually it will continue to run all over Punjab and all the poor families of Punjab will be provided a card that they will be able to get their treatment with the help of this card.

How to apply naya pakistan Qomi sehat card

There are two ways to apply for this card. One is that the government itself is checking through the computer that the families who are entitled to this card are automatically given by the government which you just have to check if you  If you are eligible for this card then if you are eligible then you will be given your home automatically. For this you must first check whether you are eligible for it or not.  No you are

The first thing you need to check if you are eligible for this job is to go to the message box of your mobile and go there and check your ID card number and  You have to send that number to this number 8500

How to online register qomi sehat car 

If you have not yet registered, you can register yourself to join the program online.

To join this program online you need to install an application called National Health Card !

Once you have installed this application then you have to first register in this application then you can apply online and join this program.

Once you have installed this application you need to open this application and click on register button.

This form will then open in front of you which is shown to you in the picture. This time you have to enter all your information which is information on your identity card. All the information is entered here.  All you have to do is tell me the truth. You have to do it again

When you have done all this work, you will be registered in this application

After completing the registration, you have to login to this application.

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