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All Type Video Converter For android Convert All Formats video

All Type Video Converter For android Convert All Formats video

Video Converter Android is a tool that enables you to change the format of any video file that you have installed on your Android device to the format in which you want to play it.

For example, you can convert any multimedia file format from different formats like asf, divx, flv, m2v, m4v, mjpeg, avi, mov, ogg, rm, rmvb, webm, wmv, directly to mpeg4 so that you can play it better on the android device screen Your.

Another interesting option provides you with the option to extract audio from any video and convert it to MP3, which means that any downloaded video can be converted to a song.

Video Converter Android is a tool that has a very different approach from most other applications that play videos in different formats. Instead of having a lot of different programs to play different types of different files, Video Converter Android enables you to use only one program to convert all files into one format.

Video Converter Android offers some interesting features, thanks to removing the need to use a variety of different programs to produce different types of files. All you need is a little patience to convert it to your favorite MPEG4 format.
All type videos converter

The description of Change the video format us

Video format change is a video format conversion program developed by a very professional team working in response to the specificity found in this type of application for converting video format to different formats for operation on all types of devices.

 all in one application
can be applied to the video adapter , or in other words , a software change video format from turning all videos private You can use different formats, for example, you can from:
convert video format to mp4,
convert video format to mpg,
convert video format to avi

As was indicated in the previous paragraph, the application is the result of a great effort, in order to provide a rare service in particular in the Arab application store, so make sure to do a search for a program to change the format of the video, so the results will be all foreign applications, not Arabic, but this application is currently the only one who can use it convert video to specific choosing a formula

how to use the application video adapter:
as the first step after the correct installation of the software change the video format we select feature video conversion will then be going to choose videos the

second step was able to choose convert video format to the appropriate you formula
third step that you You want to trim the video, you can do so using the crop tool in the app. The
last step is to save the changes correctly
Finally, I hope that the application will be when you think well and that it has provided your need for it, so for further development, we hope that you share your comments and suggestions with 

Videos formt Type for android

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