Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Check online Ehsaas Emergency Program kuwaif ki janch partal

How to check online kuwaif ki janch partal and status about your cnic 

As you may know, 12,000 per family is being provided under the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program

When a lot of people texted 8171, a lot of people got the message of eligibility, a lot of people got the message to check the data, then no message came.

So people were very worried about how we would know if our final message has come or is coming or whether we are eligible or not.

 So Sania Nishter had a press conference on this in which she said that we will soon launch a web portal from which people will be able to check their status online.

So finally this web portal has been launched. Now you can check your status online

How to check

You will find a link below the online check. Click on it. When you click on it, another page will open.

As you can see in the picture, you have to give the ID card number at the top and a captcha at the bottom which will be in front of you

And then click confirm and you will know your status

I hope you understand everything well

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