Saturday, May 2, 2020

Open Camera Download Free | Android Mobile Camera App

Open Camera Download Free | Android Mobile Camera App 

Open Camera is a camera app, it offers you a powerful camera that you can use whenever you want rather than trying to offer lots of filters and special effects for your photos.

  Initially, Open Camera might look like a normal Android camera app.  But the truth is completely different.  The first feature is that Open Camera does not occupy more than 600 KB of your device memory compared to the space occupied by Google Camera, which is more than 20MB.  In addition, Open Camera shows you how much space is available on your Android device at any time.

  Regarding image options, Open Camera gives you a presumption of anything you would normally need from the camera: timing, zoom capability, stabilization service, image styles, touch focus, ISO, and more.

  Open Camera, in short, is an excellent camera app, it may not have many filters and features, but it does provide many other things, because it is a great alternative to the regular camera app

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