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How To Download Google Play Store App Free 2020 | Download play store app

How To Download Google Play Store App Free 2020 | Download play store app

I have often seen that many people do not even know how to install applications from the Play Store and many friends need free applications on the Play Store but there are many applications that you guys can go to if they pay for it.  But you are getting it, not in free, so in today's intellect, I will tell you the complete procedure and how you can solve it. How can you install play store  in free?

The Play Store is a platform created by Google itself. The Play Store is a cattle platform. It is Google's self-discovered platform. All the applications you find here are uploaded with the permission of Google.  If there is a threat to the application or an application that harms a user by installing it, Google does not allow it at all to publish the application on the Play Store, then it checks it and that application  Removes from your platform at the same time

The application you want to install from the Play Store, you do not need to worry that the application will harm you in any way because the Play Store does not allow any harmful application on the Play Store.  Any such developer on the Play Store, upload it now

How To use play store 

The Play Store is an application market. It can also be called an application market or it can also be called an application platform.  If needed, you can use this application with the help of Play Store. You can find the station and install it in your mobile, so Play Store of Play Store is also called App Market.

You must have a Gmail ID to use the Play Store, since this Play Store does not work without a Gmail ID, so you must first create a Gmail ID.  If you don't know how to create a Gmail edi, you can easily create a Gmail id by watching anyone's video on YouTube.

I hope you have successfully created Gmail id so now you have to open your Play Store. After opening Play Store it will ask you for Gmail id. Here you have to click on sign in and give Gmail id.  After giving the mail edit, you have to open it. As soon as the process of Gmail ID is completed, the Play Store will open and you will be fully exposed. Now you can install any application you want from here.

How to install app

As soon as you open the Play Store, all the applications are opened in front of you. Now, if you want to find an application of your choice here, you also get the option to search at the top.  If you can't do the application, then here I am, but you will see a lot of applications, so you can install any of the applications that you like, just the application that you like.  One of them is to click on them. After clicking on them it will ask you to click on the install button once.  Then you have to wait. The bigger it gets, the more time it will take to install. It will take you one to two minutes and then it will install the application in your mobile.  You can easily install any application in your mobile

Paid and free applications

On the Play Store, you can get all the applications installed for free, but there are some applications that you have to buy for money. It uses more of anything.  There are those whose developers ask you for money, then you have to buy them for money, otherwise most of the time you will get the application for free.

Paid application

If you want to buy an application with money, you must have a bank account because in it you have to give your bank account number or Visa card number to help you pay for this application.  If you can buy on, you will have to pay for it and then you will be able to install the application in mobile, otherwise if not, try to use the free application. I will tell you later.  How to install the application for free

Free application

You get to install millions of free apps on the Play Store if you still want to install a paid app for free which is getting you paid on the Play Store there if you install it for free.  If you want to do, below you have been given a download link. From there you can download and install this application in your mobile and then open it and there you have to seal the app section.  You will find many platforms from which you can search for that application and install your mobile download

Here you will find all kinds of App Store from where you can search and install a lot of applications. Here you will also find Play Store and also many other Play Store like App Store from where you can find your own.  You can install the download from here

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